Dedicated to taking the best parts of his influences to create a roaring ocean of sound, ColtCuts causes the sound system to flex. His sound has captivated the interest of great names, such as Truth, Stylust, The Widdler, N Type and Noisia, making his production techniques sought after by producers all over, including collaborating with idols of his own. With releases on some of the most prestigious labels in the scene such as Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Dank n' Dirty Dubz, Duploc, Hatched, and even Sleeveless Records, ColtCuts has quickly become an internationally recognized producer. Colt is well known for his wide variety of music ranging from Deep Dubstep all the way to more modern halftime, giving a huge variety to his live performances.

Digital Albums | Mixing & Mastering Engineer

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Centre for Arts & Technology


Audio Engineering
Mastering Engineering 

Electronic Music Production


Deep Dark & Dangerous

Dank'n'Dirty Dubz
Sentry Recordings

Sleeveless Records
Sound Museum

Hatched Recordings
SouthSide Dubstars UK


April 8th - Edmonton
April 15th - Portland
May 20th - Kamloops
May 26th - Wicked Woods MF
June 17th - Seattle
June 19th - Feral MF
July 3rd - Yonderville MF
July 23rd - Shambhala MF

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